#5. The Deep Field

Brian Mackern
(Uruguay). GIF

13 billion year old galaxies. Goddammit, that’s quite a pic. Hubble took this picture of the deep field of the universe, of the baby galaxies, of the most distant past you can imagine, and opened new paths for scientific investigation. It’s the outermost vision possible, and at the same time the most intimate: what is the meaning of time, what does “beginning” means (and, in that context, what is the meaning of my time and the meaning of my beginning and my end). It’s funny to notice that to process the picture, further data needed to be collected from a telescope in the Atacama desert called Alma (“soul” in Spanish). So, we needed a soul to make sense of the full picture.
To what extent our soul is the definitive filter to the experience of the physical world? What defines reality? Is space and time all that is required to properly address for the laws of the material world? What is the role of information as a basic founding block? And consciousness?