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#1. Telescope

Javier Olivera

Argentine visual artist, filmmaker and teacher. Since 1990 he has developed a body of work that covers paintings, photos, single-channel videos, video installations and artist books. His work deals with the relationship between memory and culture as constructors of identity. In cinema he co-wrote and directed The Visitant (1999); Mika
my Spanish War (2013); The Shadow (2015) and The Stranger. Notes on the (self) exile (2018). His films, mostly audiovisual essays, were screened at international festivals and shows (MOMA, NY; Viennale, Austria; BAFICI, Bs As; Márgenes, Spain, among others). His audiovisual work has been exhibited at international individual and
collective exhibitions. He has an extensive experience in the field of teaching between Latin America and Spain.


#2. Mother Nebula

Guillaume Mazel

Guillaume Mazel is a French artist with a complex and particular visual universe. He has worked for the magazine Diario 16 and other media as a creator of logos, cartoonist and illustrator. He has created illustrations for records, posters, and tattoos. Very influenced by the pop side of Marvel or DC Comics cartoonists, his chiaroscuro imaginary world navigates between the gothic and the real, between the human and the machine. He is influenced by H.R.Giger, but also Norman Rockwell or the hyperrealism of Antonio López and the architecture of Eischer, the worlds of William Blake and the sensations of Egon Schiele.

3. EXO

#3. Exo

Dexter “Garapata” Fernández

Dex Fernandez is the Filipino artist behind the rounded, many legged «Garapata» character taking over cities across the world in the form of stickers and street art. Inspired by the infestation of ticks that explored his childhood home (brought in by his pet dogs), Fernandez’s surreal Garapata pieces now explore urban areas around the globe, making art more accessible to people on everyday commutes.

He studied Fine Arts at the Technological University of the Philippines and first worked as a graphic artist and a muralist abroad before becoming a full time artist upon his return to the Philippines in 2007. Years of experience in the advertising industry is evident in his art known for its pop imagery. A multimedia artist, he works on a variety of media which include drawing, painting, murals, posters, and graffiti. He was one of the recipients of the Thirteen Artists Award of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2013.


#4. Black Waltz

David de la Mano

David de la Mano. 1975, Salamanca, Spain.
Painter and sculptor with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca and a doctorate in Public Art from the UPV in Valencia. As a muralist he has painted in more than 20 countries. His graphic work is part of collections in Madrid, Valencia, Salamanca, Paris, Milan, Rome, Warsaw, Moscow, Berlin, Barcelona, Oslo, Chicago, LA, New York, London, etc.


#5. The Deep Field

Brian Mackern
(Uruguay). GIF

Brian Mackern.  1962, Mercedes, Uruguay.
New media artist, developer and designer of digital and hybrid net based art projects since 1995. Musician, composer and developer of autogenerative and reactive sound visual structures and environments. His work, mainly concerned with processes and structures which go across digital and real environments, explore interface design, soundtoy creations, real time video-data animations, netart and soundart. He has presented his work and given workshops and lectures throughout Latin America and Europe. His work has been exhibited at major international art festivals and received recognition from numerous institutions. He is also curator and coordinator of art and
education related projects based on contemporary technologies. He lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.