The Taxi Talk was formed in 2014, from bits and pieces of other collectives and groups. It started out as a band but also as a statement about the meaning of wave functions and whatnot. «The Energy of Delusion» and «A Quantum Tale» were released sometime later. As if music was conceived to be played in front of a bunch of theoretical physicists, lyrics abound in metaphors involving quantum mechanics, general relativity, the principle of least action, the Universe and the occasional filthy sex -for which theoretical physicists get a well deserved renown.

The more reflective “DNA” showed the band reduced to the bare minimum: father and son recording together by virtue of forced lockdowns. “Blue pill Red pill” also came out around that time, videoed as a mini gig in pop army outfits.

“Telescope”, proudly presented here to you, was born out of a frustration (as most things in life). Whatever. But we wanted to encapsulate the grandiose achievements of a wonderful machine (the Hubble Telescope) within the melancholic framework of the telescope becoming old, replaceable, increasingly irrelevant. More advanced machines will dig deeper into the secrets of the universe, but here’s is to the pioneer, to the veteran, to the first eye into the Deep Field.

The Taxi Talk profoundly admires free spirits, the awkward character with a pinch of genius, the outcast with an attitude. We declare ourselves devoted fans of David Bohm, whose interpretation of quantum mechanics was so widely misunderstood, whose kind, somehow weird, always cuddly character was so callously dismissed. He might have had it all wrong (we don’t think so) but he took his thoughts to the limit, without prejudices of any kind. Viva David.

The Taxi Talk has a formal record deal with Disparate Sound, as well as many informal deals with people of dubious reputation.